Failed Experiment

by geppetsi

Puppet Project VI

Good news! Decided to continue with outsourcing the outfits, starting with Blade, was finally able to place the order in the other day. Should be a few weeks and Blade will be completely finished! Still deciding on what to do with Jester but will likely do the same. For this set I wanted them to be roughly screen accurate as I could make.

After the paint work they are both now ready to be fully assembled, including Blade which I was able to mount the neck. Turns out a piece I thought was stuck actually wasn’t, this ball for the neck here.


While messing around with it not paying attention it popped out all by itself, after I rushed over to get the body and pull the spring through to mount the neck. Vehicros was kind enough to wip together a 3D printable ball for that spot which will come in handy later.


A special tool for pulling the spring I ordered never came in so had to come up with a makeshift tool myself.

That’s all for the moment until the clothes come in.




The other day I was greeted with an invitation for the Sky beta, a new game by ThatGameCompany, who are well known for yet another favorite of mine, Journey. Been keeping an eye on this since its announcement and didn’t realize there even was a beta test, was happily surprised to see the invite. To add I also began my first play through of Rime earlier that same day (a result of my longing for the sea). For some reason I’d like to publish a personal diary entry of my initial experiences in Sky, this is not some kind of review. (ALL SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN BY ME)


When starting up this kind of game or anything I’ve been looking forward to, even a book or something of the sort I typically am joined by sensations of chills and tears, Sky was no exception.

Controls for these kinds of games can take a bit to get used to, this being a mobile game added to the clunkiness, which instead of being frustrating added to the whole initial experience, though it didn’t take long to catch on.


Nothing else mattered anymore, I was ready for whatever Sky had to offer.


Not wanting to go further without understanding where I was or how to use the controls I spent some time messing about in the starting area. Funny enough while learning how to communicate with the other players, someone stuck their hand out, and without realizing I grabbed onto it. This person then shot straight up into the air and kept flying higher. Mind you there was no way to communicate with anyone besides action and body language (that I was aware of).


Before I knew it we were somewhere in the clouds, it felt like an area that was not meant to be accessible. While still holding onto his hand he jumped right off a cliff from where we were standing. I went from awkwardly plopping around to diving in the sky like a hawk in seconds. Let go of his hand without realizing and was on my own, I now understood my controls. This is a lot like how I learned to ride a bike, maybe you know what that’s like.


Gukipan was actually not my first encounter, but newy.


At first meeting others was kind of fun, but I quickly realized unlike Journey the goals weren’t as clear, and because it is a much more social game people easily lose track of one another or join different people.


I was glad to realize this because for my first play through I didn’t want it to be flooded with distractions.


And this is when I met tiny haha. Like the flying lion, tiny took me by the hand and showed me some ropes, helping make more clear what my job was going to look like.

Wanted to say thanks to tiny.


So I go.







It was the fun yet meditative experience I expected it to be, could feel the spirit of Journey, but also Sky itself. Floating by with confidence.


Along the way I found there were benches you could sit on with a friend to communicate with verbally, unlike Journey. Had an interesting reaction to this. When I played Journey I remember longing to speak with whomever I came across, especially since encounters were so far and few in between, it felt like a deep connection was being made. Where as in Sky this feature being added made me feel more isolated, realizing now that I can say something I actually have nothing to say, plus the connections so far in Sky did not have the same depth Journey had. I imagine others building friendships on these benches, the kind that I won’t be.


We continue.



Made it roughly to the end of the game before shutting down for the night. I didn’t take many screen shots to be honest to track the whole thing, nor did I expect to write anything such as this while playing so a lot is either missing or am keeping stuff out to not spoil the entire game so far.

Next day


The following day was much the same. I went backwards to retrace my steps, continuing for a better grasp of it all, lots more confidence. There is nothing like playing this sort of game once the controls become instinctual.

After mostly trekking alone and a few passerbys, look who appears!


I couldn’t believe it! And of all, the first encounter I made the day before. It seemed he or she wanted to stick with me, even though I was taking my sweet time looking around. So that was that, we stayed together for the rest of the game until we were eventually split before the last area for some reason, which I eventually had to take on on my own.


Seeing newy again took away some of the feeling of isolation I was describing, making this sort of one on one connection is more my style, although floating around in big groups can be fun too. When I was by myself it was interesting to see other duos, something about a duo is amazing.


So this is it. If I had known wanting to post something like this would come up I might have prepared more, but maybe it was meant to be seeing as it is beta testing and not even sure if we’re allowed to show much.

Grateful for receiving the invitation and participating a little early, was really looking forward to Sky and was worth it.

Some more screens from when I last finished up.


(Additional thoughts. Didn’t know what to expect especially since it would be a mobile title. TGC going with ingame purchases was unexpected and leaves a bad after taste. It doesn’t help that they are claiming to be “innovative” with the model when it is nothing of the sort, just the same old dribble with a different skin. A large part of the reason I follow their games and continue to support is because they did not give in to that sort of model. Playing games of this genre is an art form and a breath of fresh air compared to most of what is released, this is the only kind I have bothered with for a while since I saw through that model once it began. Had no doubts they would release the game with a set price upfront since it was obvious they would eventually port this to console where it belongs, but they did the opposite. Although will say it doesn’t look like it will affect the game much, especially if you don’t care to speed things up. The purchases essential are for helping and connecting with others but then helping yourself as a biproduct, maybe I’m wrong time will tell)


Shadow of the Colossus (PS4): Photo mode

Shadow of the Colossus is a dear myth, one of the greatest games ever made and a personal favorite. The new PS4 version of SotC includes “Photo Mode”, where you can freeze frame at any moment during gameplay and toy around with settings and filters for taking the desired screen shot.

While inside SotC recently I was thinking how it would be amazing to return to this game 30 years down the road and make an entire project out of it using photo mode after I’ve obtained better trained eyes and heart. Wanted to share with you some of my own ingame photo collection. Hopefully this gives somewhat of an idea for its potential. Thank you.

None of these were retouched, everything here was done from within the game.



Puppet Project V


Painting all done!

Wow. A few steps closer to completion! Painting them was fun and intense. For a first timer and a wobbly hand I think we did alright. Blade was straight forward mostly but as expected Jester was a little bit extra. I had the wrong skin color so did some mixing and wasn’t sure if I was getting the proper tones or not. Missed the mark by a little but am okay with the result, think we went short on the eyebrows too and some other things but it’s unique and my first time so we’ll leave it this way. He looks more like the Curse Jester than the originals, since naturally leaning toward the Curse version maybe it’s my favorite? It’s a toss up really I love the original Jesters too. All I can really say about Blade is how cool he looks, he was a lot easier to paint but still had his issues. I opted for the matte finish over glossy because I prefer matte over gloss on about everything, maybe will try gloss finish on future builds? I’ll leave more photos below. (Better view here)

Might be attempting to sew the clothes myself instead of outsourcing them. Not sure we’re willing to wait the questionable amount of time. It would be much better if I can make the clothes on my own since I’d like to know how for future projects anyway, the limitless possibilities! Still can’t say for sure yet. Anyway that’s all for now. Look forward for more updates!