The Ghost of Education Continued (How I would have liked to put it)

Last December I wrote a post (The Ghost of Education), it was a personal post with short commentary on Nietzsche’s lectures in book form, Anti-Education. Mary Lucia Darst is writing her own regarding Anti-Education and the current status of the state-run educational institutions, . The way she puts it is how I wish I could about the topic myself.

Using this post to share her links, will also be sticking this and keeping it updated because to me this needs to be seen more than anything I’ve been publishing here.

Side note, anyone planning on starting Nietzsche I suggest Anti-Education as your first book. Followed up by The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung.

*Update: All four parts are here


The State in Education: Part One

The State in Education: Part Two

The State in Education: Part Three

The State in Education: Part Four



“For FEAR—is an exception with us. Courage, however, and adventure, and delight in the uncertain, in the unattempted—COURAGE seemeth to me the entire primitive history of man.

The wildest and most courageous animals hath he envied and robbed of all their virtues: thus only did he become—man.”

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Cool stuff bad stuff

Cool stuff is I found an art academy I might want to go to.

Bad is my desire for a hiatus is starting to really show. I’m completely dry and don’t have anything I’d like to post here. Not sure if I will be able to keep my weekly schedule until the Fall as I said. Will still post but not unless it’s something worth sharing.

Though these dry spots come and go so who’s to say what will happen? I feel like this is the kind of stuff people say right before they abandon their writing or project permanently, but I don’t think that is what this is.

Figure study


Lately we’ve begun a different approach to figure drawing. I used to imagine if I sat down with no experience and understanding of the body I’d just recreate masterpieces, or in contrast that if I couldn’t remember the name of every damn bone and muscle in the body then I couldn’t draw or paint as if that some how makes you better. Ah yes let me sit with this book and not actually draw or SEE anything.

What I’m focused on now is movement and putting together a stick figure to go with it. Nothing more nothing less. I will keep doing this until satisfied. No it won’t be hammering away at this only but will not bother going further with the figure until this feels good.

Starting to understand what they mean when they say let go of perfection. Since doing this I’ve been at paper longer and more frequently than usual, at times of the day or night where I normally couldn’t be bothered, best of all it’s been fun and less frustrating. When something clicks now it feels like it matters.

Also seeing the love of quick large strokes with the arm, some charcoal or pastel on giant paper simply getting movements. What was the point of shodou if I’d end up hunched over A4 with fine point doing god damn surgery at all times?

It would have been nice to have a teacher or someone to show all this but someone like me doesn’t get things from being told by others, only I can figure this for myself.


“A perfection never develops into creativity, what does develop into creativity is the deeper struggle toward perfection, but not perfection itself.”

Rollo May