geppetsi’s Ooak Art Doll

Wanted to share a little something. Will announce more very soon.







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Retired philosopher challenging self-rejection while discovering how to create and express meaning with you all.

4 thoughts on “geppetsi’s Ooak Art Doll”

    1. Thank you! Liked how those shots came out as well. Need to find something which can make eyes look how the bottom two pictures do, with or without lighting. Or maybe let one’s own home do the magic.

      These little poppets have a story to go with them! Part of it is that they befriend darkness and evil to keep it at bay rather than attempt to destroy it, but this guy seems to have gazed a bit too deeply within.


      1. Great story haha.
        And yeah, the orange glow reflected off of the eye looks excellent!
        You can really set the tone depending on what colour light you use. I can picture a dim purple light looking nice, ominous and supernatural.

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